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TPU is the abreoiation of  thermoplastic urethane. TPU is used in increasing applications for its high modulus, high strength, high elongation and high elasticity, and excellent resistance to wear, oil, solvent, low temperature and ageing as well as biodegradability.

Qinghu TPU products are based on TPU blend modified to the customer’s requiring and supplied as either flameresistant or non-flameresistant.

High wear resistance
High tear resistance
High elasticity
High tensile strength and elongation
Excellent hydrolysis resistance
Low-temperature performance ranging -40-60ºC; high temperature performance up to 105ºC
Resistant to oil, lube and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents
Resistant to oxygen and ozone


Electric wiring and cabling applications requiring relatively high oil resistance, elasticity and wear resistance
Automotive applications requiring relatively high oil resistance and physical property
Outdoor applications requiring relatively high low temperature resistance and pliability
Components for pipe and industrial application

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