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TPV is the abreoiation of  thermoplastic dynamic vulcanizate. It is a kind of blended thermoplastic elastomer materials produced by dynamic vulcanization, which vulcanizes the rubber when it is melt blended with thermoplastic so that rubber is continuously blended with thermoplastic while it is vulcanized. In this way, the vulcanized rubber is distributed in the continuous phases of thermoplastic as dispersed phases.

Sound elasticity and compression deformation stability
A wide range of applied temperature
Excellent processability
Light specific weight
Good weatherability
Excellent resistance to ageing, ozone and UV
Excellent resistance to oil and solvent
A wide range of hardness


Automotive applications for manufacturing weather-proof seals; carriage internals like gripes and handles; vehicle externals like lamp covers, rearview mirror gaskets, car dust guards, fenderboards, vent-pipes, etc.
Building seal applications
Consumer products, high temperature, oil or solvent resistant handles, children’s toys, electric tools
Electronic/electric applications, electric wire/cable insulation and sheaths, ore cables, electric power cables for mining and rig platforms

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