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MPPE is the abreoiation of modified polyphenylene ether. MPPE features low density, high processability, thermal deformation temperature ranging from 90ºC to 175ºC, relatively small dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent, good water and heat resistance and low exposure to stress cracking.

Qinghu MPPE products include MPPE and MPPE-PE series, with options of extruded and  injected materials for your choice.

Halogen free, flame resistant
A wide range of hardness
High water resistance
High thermal deformation temperature
Excellent electric property
Ease shaping
Excellent high and low temperature performance


Electric wire and cable applications requiring halogen free and high thermal deformation temperature
Insulation and sheaths for wiring of digital/electronic products and PC
Insulation and sheaths for telecommunication and communication lines
Outer sheaths of coaxial cables
Insulation and sheaths of instrument and equipment cables

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