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FRPE is the abreoiation of  flame retardant polyethylene. FRPE is a blend of polyethylene mixed with different soft segment components together with other additives like flame retardans. Modified PE typically comprises PE mixed with EVA, POE or SEBS.

Qinghu FRPE series products are based on PE and SEBS in a composite phosphor-nitrogen flame resistant system blending modified to the customer’s requirement and are available in a number of grades .

Excellent flame resistance
A wide range of hardness
High weatherability and UV stability
Low smoke emission, environment friendly, halogen free
Good handfeel
Excellent electrical insulation, with electrical property equivalent to LDPE


Consumable electronic applications like flameresistant USB cables, HDMI cables, SATA cable sheaths and plugs, etc.
Industrial wire and cable products like PV cables, optical fiber/cable insulation, sheaths, plugs
Insulation layers and sheaths in electrical wire and cable applications requiring high weatherability and electrical property.

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